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UV Resin



The three components are the Photo Initiator, Monomer and Photo Inhibitor.

The photo initiator causes the monomer to harden when exposed to UV light. Most DLP projectors output just enough UV light to cure this resin.

The acrylic monomer is a custom monomer developed by http://spotamaterials.com/

The photo inhibitor prevents the UV light from curing too deeply.


The exposure time, % of photo initiator and % of photo inhibitor all work together to create the layer thickness. With a 2700 lumen DLP projector this resin will cure a 0.1mm thick layer in 2 to 4 seconds.

A blue/violet laser will cure this resin. A white LED will cure this resin. Yes, a UV LED will also cure the resin very quickly.

It has a low viscosity 80-120 mPa at 20C and cures to a 70 - 75 Shore D hardness.

Low health risk; Non toxic, Low skin and eye irritant, no VOC. Has a slight acrylic smell.

No residue was found when used in a burn out process. 

When stored in 60 to 80 degrees, expected shelf life is one year. Excessive heat will cause it to prematurely polymerize. Any non polymerized resin can be reused.

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1L UV Resin
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